Hospitality Industry Initiative, Supporting Chefs, Venues, Producers & Creatives during COVID-19

The hospitality sector is one of many British industries suffering a sharp decline in bookings as the government launches new guidelines to limit public gatherings.

A collaboration between industry sectors has been launched by to help support the those directly affected, and inspire consumers and provide extra paid work for freelancers and creative, whilst rewarding the public throughout the extended isolation periods.

Whilst a number of pubs and restaurants have diversified into home delivery options, social distancing measures in kitchens may mean this is no longer possible. For some, it may mean permanent closures and countless job losses, while hospitality suppliers including brands and creative are also experiencing negative effects.

Industry charities, led by Hospitality Action and supported by supplier companies, are now focussed on providing direct support wherever possible immidiately and for life beyond COVID-19. In light of these challenges, hospitality support provider The Greatest British Company (GBco), have launched a new initiative aimed at uniting consumers with hospitality industry professionals for mutual benefit, in a bid to support British chefs and service providers throughout the crisis, and beyond.

Funds raised will be donated directly to Hospitality Action to support those in immediate need, whilst also benefiting industry providers including venues in the longer term, once restrictions are lifted.

The #GiftToGiveHospitality initiative seeks to bring together three key sectors within the hospitality industry; suppliers, freelance creatives and chef operators.

Supplier Sponsors

Critical to the initiative is hospitality industry suppliers, who can play an important role by sponsoring the activity generated on behalf of the Chef operators, which will see funds split between industry creatives and Hospitality Action. Direct donations from a series of support packages, will generate a donation of £300 per brand immediately. Sponsors will also benefit from associated brand exposure throughout the initiative period. Participating brands are set to be announced shortly.

Freelancer Support

The team at Greatest British Co. who operate as freelancers and also engage with external freelancers, are also seeking to engage with creatives who work in the hospitality industry, including writers, graphic designers and videographers. An allocation of the funds raised from suppliers will help pay freelancers directly, thus supporting the creatives financially throughout the crisis, in return for helping to create content to highlight British chefs, venues and producers, to send to the public during prolonged isolation.

Chef Operators

British chefs who operate venues and cookery schools throughout the country are invited at no cost, to create unique online content during the self-isolation period, which will be shared with supporters via the digital media channels across the GBco, edited and supported by freelancers.

In readiness of opening their doors once restrictions are lifted, participating brands will each create unique food-led experiences for consumers to enjoy, who can purchase gift certificates now to redeem with them later. The experiences will be packaged and marketed to customers on their behalf as ‘Love Greatest British Hospitality GourmetXperiences’, each created to celebrate British hospitality, seasonality, sustainability and service standards. Each venue will receive 100% of the value on redemption, helping to ensure the future stability of their operation.

Customer Support

Consumers are encouraged to purchase the ‘Love Greatest British Hospitality GourmetXperience’ monetary gift certificates online now to add immediate support, each fully redeemable at the participating venues and cookery schools when they re-open for business. An additional 10% of all sales will be donated immediately by to Hospitality Action’s efforts, supporting those affected by COVID-19 in the industry.

Mark Lewis, Hospitality Action Chief Executive commented:

“The hospitality industry is at the forefront of social engagement. Removing this for understandable reasons, also removes the ability for us all to share and re-assure with others. This initiative helps provide a positive solution to the current challenges we all face, whilst delivering immediate support for the industry, alongside on-going inspirations and ultimate celebrations and rewards for all, once restrictions are lifted. We are delighted to support Greatest British Hospitality ‘GourmetXperiences’ and welcome industry involvement.”

James Day, joint founder added: “All our trade customers and partners are understandably deeply concerned about their own customers, their business and their industry right now. They seek clarity and support. They want continuity and focus. Recent industry reports project the potential loss of over one million jobs in our industry, which is unimaginable. The long term effects will be far reaching and devastating.

“The challenges facing us all are set to last quite some time, so at this stage we’re not placing any time limits on redemptions so that purchasers can rest assured that whilst these challenges remain, they can redeem at any time, however long it takes. From Summer right through to Christmas and into 2021 if needed – lets all hope not!”

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